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Rainy Day

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Today was scheduled to be an apiary visit from the Loudoun Country Day School, but that got rained out and rescheduled. So we used to time to catch up on a few things. Richard caught a swarm in the rain that had landed 20 feet up in a tree using the old 2" socket tied to string thrown over the branch trick.

We also cleaned up old frames and put foundation in 61 of them using a combination of wire, foundation pins and bobby pins.

We also got to break out the frame making jig and assemble some new frames. The way it works is there's a wooden box that holds 10 frame ends in place so that you can put on 10 top and bottom bars. There is a spring like you might find closing your back screen door that holds the jig together and that you undo to remove the newly assembled frames.

A vitex tree and some dahlias were donated for the apiary gardens. Nuc sales timing and quantities were planned.

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