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Mite Testing Day

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Today was mite testing day. Here's how it worked:

  • find  a frame ideally with almost capped brood

  • alternatively one from brood chamber with "enough bees"

  • shake the bees from the frame into a small tub

  • pour or scoop 1/2 cup of (300) bees

  • put those in alcohol or windshield washer fluid in the test jar

  • swirl to kill bees and loosen mite's grip on bees

  • count mites

  • strain fluid and mites and swirl bees again

  • repeat until there are no mites

  • count mites

I don't have the data we collected, but the mite counts I did see looked every low. There were a couple of colonies that had low population and/or no brood. These were not tested.

There is another blog post with pictures about the process: Varroa Mite Inspection and Treatment

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