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Today I wanted to take some photos of what the bees are foraging on.

There's white clover growing all around. The bees like it, and it's a good nitrogen fixer for the soil.

Brown-eyed Susans are trouble free volunteers that seem eager to grow from seed.

Here are some clumps of hyssop and monarda (bee balm). These were put here last year and came back larger. For these to come back, I think it helps to mow these down at the end of the year.

Bees sure love mountain mint, Pycnanthemum.

How many honeybees do you see in this picture?

My clearest shot...

Here is some lemon balm flanked by hyssop with some cat mint and white clover in the background. These are from direct sown seed that got a soaker hose from the barrel last year.

The bees seem to love the hyssop too.

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